W (previously known as Young Professionals of Wichita) helps connect millennials with networking opportunities and community involvement. However, W’s rebrand disrupted the local Wichita community in a way that people misunderstood what the organization was. The primary ask was a brand video, but when I found gaps in consistency and promotion, my team (group of 3 other interns) and I wanted to further develop their brand with an elevator pitch card, Instagram template, and motion graphics toolkit.
Brand Video
For the brand video, the client was looking for a way to clear any misconceptions about W. As art director, I wanted to tell the story of the members, how they got involved, and W’s purpose in a thriving community. One of the main goals for the motion design was to use cues from the client's website and further develop the brand from static to dynamic elements. This 2 min video was an expected deliverable but in addition, we provided one 1 min reel and three 15 sec alternatives to supplement different social platforms.
Elevator Pitch
When business cards are collected over time they get lost among one another. To solve this issue, the square-shaped card fits into any wallet yet stands out with bright green highlights and its interactive format. Here, the brand is represented in a consistent, sleek, and unforgettable way, with 5 sec, 10 sec, and 15 sec pitches to consistently define the brand.
Instagram Template
While Instagram is one of W’s highest engaged social platforms, they struggled with consistency and strategy for promoting events. This Instagram template helps break up the main feed of photography with pops of color to provide weekly event reminders. These posts can also improve attendance rates for events now that they’re tapping into an audience that they haven’t before.
Instagram Highlights
This 15 sec alternative reel utilizes W members as brand ambassadors and showcases their testimonials about the community. This reel helps tap into their Instagram audience and utilizes the motion graphics toolkit developed for the client.
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